When she finally became daughter -in -law !!!

For the first time she didn’t know how to express her emotions!!!
For the first time she felt very calm and silent to say anything!!!
For the first time she didn’t understand how to settle down the roller coaster of emotions going on in her mind!!!
For the first time she felt she knew everything what she wanted but didn’t feel it complete!!!
For the first time she couldn’t cry when her heart was filled with tears!!!
For the first time she couldn’t make herself understand that everything that happens is part of life!!!
For the first time she felt she is going very far away from her house!!!
For the first time she was not excited to go with her loved ones because she felt she is loosing many others behind!!!
For the first time she asked to stay long at her home!!!
For the first time she felt she is more than a daughter!!!
For the first time she realised the sadness of leaving home!!!

Like has became a hastag!!?!!

Well, well everything nowadays is just meant to be a social trend. A happy person will post on social media when sad will screenshot sad Quotes and show the entire world that something is going on in his/her life!!!
Like is it really necessary to show the world what’s going on in your life??? Maybe we all who question this, are becoming part of this itself!!! We feel irritated and disgusting but at the same time, we also follow that because it’s #trending!!!

#Festivalsforphotos!!! Yes nowadays celebrating the festival ends up with good photos to post on social media!! I don’t say that people don’t respect or value the festival, but their main focus is to make good posts!! Most of us really don’t know the actual meaning and reason behind celebrating particular festivals!!!

#Nomoreprivacy!!! Well, this is so true!!! Nothing in our life is being private!! We roam we post, we make moments we post, we kiss we post, while doing makeup we post, changing clothes making reels, we fight we post humiliating our partner on social media!!! This is not because we want to but because “it’s trending”!!!

#Privacykiesikitesi!!! We do marriage not because we want to marry our partner but to take creative photos, make reels, sharing our private moments in it!!! Let me clear private moments always does not mean one thing but whatever things we do in our life is private and it is very special so it becomes a moment!!! We do marriage so that we can make our relationship official but people are so much into the habit of social media that as soon as it becomes official, it becomes public!!!

#Seperationisnewcool!!! Nowadays sharing break up news or getting a divorce is becoming the latest trend on social media!!! Yes, because people find it so normal and important to announce this news on social media!!!! Two people are getting separated, a beautiful relationship is ending, which is indeed a very emotional moment but it’s not completed without sharing on social media!!! Showing consultation on that is also required to show the whole world!!!

I think our whole life is being surrounded by hashtags!!! And I think it has been a part of our life to share every detail on social media!! To some extent, it is perfectly fine to share things on social media. But it should also have some limitations!!! You share happy moments on social media is fine because you feel like sharing but why make a post showing that some shit is going on in your life!!??
No one in this whole damn world is worried to show you sympathy!!! They will ask you so they get entertained but they really don’t care!!!
Takes pictures, create memories, make love, show sympathy, take care, make things work, overdue breakup, do chit chat, just keep it private because it’s your own life and no one is really interested to know about it. Be smart and strong enough to deal with good and bad times!!! Make some real use of social media like watching tutorials on a topic that are of your interest, sharing funny things and making each other laugh, make a schedule for using social media so that you can give time to things that are really important and need to look after!!!


Long Distance!?!?

Well, hearing this word itself makes us feel like things are really going to be tough. Yes, though we take decision to do because we just can’t loss the person we love so much. Many ups and downs but at the end we either make up or break up. It’s not because we didn’t make it work but sometimes ending things become more important than continuing being in pain. There’s nothing that breaks and don’t get fix. It is very very difficult to stay in long distance for so long long time. The person starts losing himself in the process of saving relationship, off course it is a two way process. Both the partner just keep on saying to themselves that yes we can do it, we will make it happen, but it is very difficult.

I believe most of the relationship doens’t work in long distance because they can not make love, spend time together, dinner dates are missing, but on the other hand both of them know that this seperation, they decided to make things better, sometimes career is on priority, sometimes family, sometimes study, or it can be anything. But this is ultimately wrong call because it becomes difficult for a person to manage two things at a time. All of us need an emotional support at each and every phase of life, it involves mental and physical need both at the time. People even after marriage do long distance because at that time, with priority, responsibility is also added to the list.

As a human we all need a shoulder to cry, an arm to sleep, a hug to feel better, a kiss to express love. This is all part and parcel and most importantly basic need in a relationship. You can pretend to be strong but you can not stay strong all the time. To keep relationship live, to keep love growing, to keep feelings, to be expressive is not possible. Sometimes, someday one of the partner will breakdown. It is the fight between mind and heart all the time, to pretend strong and to stay strong. Not to cry, not to get upset, not to loose hope, not to fight, not to bring this thing in between, so that our love keep growing, our bond become more strong. It is a constant flow of being happy and sad at the same time.

A person starts feeling lonely, still have to show the I am doing good so that it doesn’t affect our better half and relationship. There comes a time where person gets completely emotional and just don’t understand how to react and what to say or what to do. They just decide to stay quite and try to make themselves feel better. It really really require courage and off course a good heart to be happy all the time, even though tears drop off the eyes many times. One of them is always strong enough to handle emotionally even in long distance. Even I miss you feels no more when we actually miss everything about them. These feeling is way ahead then the words.

Don’t know how people say that distance makes love stronger. As a person we become strong and we tend to love more and more as we have already loved them in seperation. So one fine day this love will grow thousands time more for our better half. May be we are together today after long distance that’s why people say distance makes love strong and it can not seperate you, if you don’t stop loving in seperation. To stay together is important so that our love grow but to stay in long distance is also valueable as it make our love grow more strong and live, each and every day!!!!

He never gave up!!!

A boy who has been a fighter from very small age,
A boy who lost the most precious part of his life,
A boy who lived all his life without his father but never missed to miss him,
A boy still keeps the same photo with his father to show how much he miss him
A boy that always stood strong no matter how tough the situation has being with him
Because he knew that he had the strength and a never ending love and support of his father
A boy who always stay happy outside and never shown us the sad part of him
A boy who don’t need blessings because his father’s love and blessings are always with him
A boy who has many friends but still sometimes feel lonely from inside
A boy who still kept his father’s first gift just to remind that no matter how tough time gets he is not alone,
A father who can’t not stay with him is still the luckiest father to have a son like him!!!

Why always a woman is judged based on her clothes???

If she is wearing a saree she is well behaved or if she is wearing salwar kameez she is from a good family.
If she is wearing jeans top, crop top, short skirt, shorts, she is defined as a bad woman or woman with no shame, or even worse characterless
But this is not the reality because we live in a society where every woman should be treated equally and most importantly she should be treated on basis of her behaviour, the way she takes care of everything, everyone, everywhere, rather than focusing on her clothes. We live in a society where the day-night hard-working woman takes care of her family too along with her job so that she can support her husband and be independent in all senses. She doesn’t think that going to the office with formal attire will make her a bad woman rather she will be more confident in herself. There are lots of people around us who believe that going to Kurti and dressing for the office is only proper clothes. When you dress up properly you will be more confident and you will get encouraged to work even more efficiently.

A woman manages everything very well in her life and even she adjusts where ever she goes but when it comes to their clothing people around her can not adjust. Even at that point, a woman is asked to adjust and the shameful thing about all this is that one woman can not support another woman in this.

Respect her choice and decision because she knows her dignity and limitations are being set for her… Wear shorts is not shameful but making her uncomfortable is shameful… She goes through many battles of her life and she also knows what is right and what is wrong for her… Society just needs to support her rather than make decisions for her…
If a girl gets raped then people will blame she was wearing improper clothes by which the man got attracted… Then what made a man attracted to rape a few months born baby?? What made a man rape an old age lady??? Well, this is just a question to all those who question a women’s clothing!!!

I believe a woman should be modern by thoughts and mentality then she can easily gel up the growing and fast-changing generation… And as a woman, we should accept her for what she has done for others as a housewife, as a working woman, as a mother, as a sister, as a daughter, as a friend… She plays the role of many personalities at a time and we just end up focusing on her clothes… She is already fighting many battles that don’t mean she is weak, indeed she is the strongest person in this whole damn world… She can go through any pain and still keep smiling… There are many things people make fun of her and she goes through all of that.. Don’t focus on what she is wearing, rather focus on how she handles everything and modern she is by thoughts, by way of living, by mentality..

W – Warrior and a great fighter of her life, no matter how tough the battle is she will always come out as a winner…
O – Obedient to everyone but also believe in taking decisions for herself… Obsessed with what she wants and never give up on it…
M – Maintain her class and standard, no matter how expensive it is and also hard-working… Mature enough to handle every situation of life…
E – Ease and cool both at the same time, not necessary to be modern by outfit but by mindset and mentality…
N – Nothing is impossible for her… No obstacles can stop her from achieving her goals whether as a working woman or as a housewife….

Love Qoutes

And this time I didnt asked for anything, I just believed him, and that was the best thing I have ever done because he taught me the meaning of selfless and pure love.

Marry a guy who love uh like a mother and treat you like a baby because, trust me it is the purest form of love, though I found it

The struggle was deeper because the love was real,
I trusted him and he believed in me
Tough time came but nothing changed
We counted days and now creating moments
Nothing seemed easy at first but made everyone happy at last
It took time till we knot a tie,
I and him became us and love story became perfect thus

Love takes time to happen but what takes more time is to make that love happen everyday

When they meet for the first time, they didn’t knew that it was their last meet as stranger!!!

When they meet for the first time, they didn’t knew that it was already planned by destiny!!!

When they meet for the first time, they didn’t knew love was awaiting for them!!!

When they meet for the first time, they didn’t knew they were made for each other!!!

When they meet for the first time, they didn’t knew that they were going to be tied in a beautiful knot for lifetime!!!

I accept your good side but I will never forget your bad side!!!
I accept your flaws but I will never forget your fault!!!
I accept your story but I will never forget what you did wrong!!!
I accept your love but I will never forget your betray!!!
I accept your hate but I will never forget your lie!!!